Plan of Study and Committee Selection Form


On Track for Graduation?

Please check the graduation timeline, use the Master’s or Doctoral completion checklist, and apply for graduation the semester BEFORE you plan to graduate.  Completing all tasks ahead of time will allow you to graduate on time.


If the graduate program requires an approved Plan of Study, complete and submit the Committee Selection Form, which identifies student, committee chair, and members. The Committee Selection Form will require all committee members’ Auburn University email address and the CVs and full email addresses of any outside committee members. The form includes some helpful tips about the validation process. The Graduate School will be notified when the form is submitted. Complete information is required to initiate the process.

Next, complete and submit the Plan of Study.

Plan of Study Steps:

  1. Download and save the Plan of Study Worksheet. Please do not use a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) to fill out the Plan of Study worksheet.  First download the empty worksheet to a computer, then fill it out and save using Adobe Reader.  There are calculations on the semester hours that may not work if the form is not filled out and saved using Adobe Reader.
  2. Using the Plan of Study Worksheet, enter student information, courses taken at Auburn University and courses that are being transferred into the program.  Identify any notes or exceptions that are being requested.  Refer to instructions and frequently asked questions as needed.
  3. Submit the Plan of Study as an email attachment to Please list the student name and Banner ID# in the subject line.
  4. After the Graduate School reviews and accepts the Plan of Study, it will be sent to committee for approval.  The Graduate School will then notify student and committee members once the plan of study is approved.
  5. Remember: The Plan of Study is not the same as the Graduation Application (under AU Access, on My Academics). The Committee Selection Form, Plan of Study, and the Graduation Application must be submitted at least one semester before the student intends to graduate.

Plan of Study Changes:

  1. Notify the Graduate School using the Plan of Study Update email format which consists of student, program, Graduate Program Officer information, and intended changes. Copy, paste, and complete the prompts in an email message. Be specific about any changes that are needed on the plan of study.
  2. The Graduate School will review changes and notify the student and committee members accordingly. If changes are minor, the plan of study will be adjusted. If changes are major, a new plan of study will be required.

Faculty & Staff

A workflow process will route the student’s Plan of Study through the committee. In most cases, the approval begins with the committee chair and continues through each additional Auburn University committee member. When approval is needed, the committee chair and members will receive an email with a link to sign in, review the Plan of Study, and either Approve or Roll Back. Once all approvals or roll backs have been received, the Graduate School will review and notify the student and committee members accordingly.

Variations in the workflow setup can be arranged. If the current workflow setup is not satisfactory, please contact the Graduate School at to discuss other options.

Last modified: June 27, 2019