DegreeWorks Plan of Study FAQ


How does Auburn DegreeWorks work?

The Auburn DegreeWorks audit “reads” all courses completed or accepted as transfer credits at Auburn and shows how those courses have been applied toward your chosen degree and program according to the catalog requirements for the year in which you entered Auburn. The report can be viewed online or printed out to be used as a snapshot of where you stand relative to graduation requirements.

Do I still need to see my Graduate Program Officer and Graduate School advisor?

YES! Absolutely — Auburn DegreeWorks does not take the place of your Graduate Program Officer or Graduate School advisor.  You should always review your degree progress report prior to meeting with your GPO or Graduate School advisor, preparing any questions you may have regarding your requirements. They will use the Auburn DegreeWorks report in the process of advising you about your program.

When should I submit my Planner?

Try to submit your Planner by your second semester so you can use the auditing features of DegreeWorks to monitor your progress.  Follow the instructions for filing your Plan of Study.

What if I don’t have my committee by the second semester of my program?

Your committee has to approve your Planner, so committee selection comes first.  You can submit your Planner as late as the semester before graduation, but you miss out on some of the features of DegreeWorks.   Don’t forget and let the deadline pass, else your graduation will be delayed.

What if I need to change my Planner?

Click Save As on your current Planner and give it a new name.  Make the necessary edits.  Send it through the same approval process as the first time, following the instructions for filing a Plan of Study.

Can I change my committee in DegreeWorks?

No, DegreeWorks has no interaction with your committee.  To make committee updates, get approval from all parties affected, then email the changes to  Your Graduate Advisors will verify and make the necessary updates in Banner.

What courses do I put on my Planner?

Put on your Planner all courses required by your program.  DegreeWorks shows you the requirements on the same page.  For transfer work, start the course with a dash and make sure it contains at least one space so DegreeWorks won’t try to match it to an Auburn University course (examples:  -AB 12345, -12 444).  Use the Notes section for clarification.  You do not have to list courses that don’t count toward your requirements, such as ESL; however, no harm is done by listing them.  You can break up your thesis/dissertation hours over several terms, or you can list them on one entry.  If you enter thesis/dissertation hours in more than one term, ignore the alert that tells you a class has been used more than once.

Why can’t I put my courses in the past terms when I actually took them?

In order to keep the dropdown list manageable, DegreeWorks configuration only allows changes to eight (8) terms in the past. The auditing feature does not attempt to match your courses to the terms you listed in your Planner. Any course may be listed in any term, whether past, current, or future. You may use the Notes textbox to record any information you feel is needed to properly describe your Planner details.

Should I change the Academic Year on my Planner?

You should not change the Academic Year.  DegreeWorks uses this value to determine which course catalog to use to enforce your audit.  If you change it, a system administrator will have to change it back, and this may delay the approval of your Planner.

What if I put courses on my Planner that are not offered by the time I am ready to graduate?

Course substitutions are possible.  Work with your committee to determine appropriate substitutions, and email the changes to  With approval from your major professor and the Dean of the Graduate School, we will force a match to the substitute courses.

Can I register for classes in Auburn DegreeWorks?

No. Registration will continue to be accessed through AU Access during scheduled registration dates and time tickets.

Where can I find my Grade-Point Average (GPA)?

Your GPA is calculated based on coursework used to fulfill program requirements. This GPA will appear within the program block requirements of your audit. Additionally, depending upon your college, the program GPA may also include courses that potentially could have been used within the program block but were not needed to fulfill specific requirements.

Is my Auburn DegreeWorks Audit the same as my Academic Transcript?

No. The Auburn DegreeWorks Audit is an unofficial advisement tool. It is not an Academic Transcript.

Who should I contact if I still have questions or disagree with the audit?

Please contact your Graduate Program Officer and your Graduate School advisor.

My minor or concentration is missing from my audit - how do I fix this?

If you have not officially declared your minor or concentration, contact your Graduate Program Officer and your Graduate School advisor.

Can I change my degree program through Auburn DegreeWorks?

No. Contact your Graduate Program Officer and your Graduate School advisor for questions on how to change your degree program.

What do I do if I believe that Auburn DegreeWorks is not applying a course(s) correctly to my degree program?

Contact your Graduate Program Officer and your Graduate School advisor with questions about your audit. They can answer questions you may have and advise you about your course substitutions and waivers that may be needed and submit the necessary adjustments.

Who can see my audit and planner in DegreeWorks?

Anyone who has been marked as your advisor in Banner has the ability to see your information in DegreeWorks.

How current is my information in Auburn DegreeWorks?

The information in Auburn DegreeWorks is refreshed nightly. Any changes made today will be seen in Auburn DegreeWorks the next day.

Are my grades visible in Auburn DegreeWorks?

Yes. Once grades have been posted at the end of the semester or term, they are viewable in Auburn DegreeWorks.

Can I see a list of all of the classes I've taken?

Yes. On the Worksheets tab, click on the “Class History” link at the top for a list of courses taken at Auburn as well as transfer courses.

Does Auburn DegreeWorks include my transfer work?

Yes. Any transfer work approved by your major professor and the Graduate School will appear in DegreeWorks.

How do I know what classes I need to take?

Check your status in DegreeWorks! Your audit will outline courses needed to meet degree and program requirements within specified blocks. You may then use this information to discuss your plan with your academic advisor.

When should I look at my degree audit?

Four times a semester. You should always review your audit:

  • Before you meet with your academic advisor to discuss registration for an upcoming semester.
  • After you register to ensure that the courses you selected applied to your requirements as you thought they would.
  • After your grades for each semester are posted.
  • Any time you make a change to your schedule or degree program.

Last modified: August 6, 2018