DegreeWorks Plan of Study Instructions


Student Planner Creation

Begin by logging in to DegreeWorks and
clicking the Planner tab.  You will use this page to create your Student
Educational Planner.

DegreeWorks Planner Steps

    1. In order to complete a Planner Block, first enter a description in the Description field. Do not change the entry for the Academic Year, else the processing of your Planner will be delayed.
    2. Leave the “Active Plan” checkbox checked.
    3. Select a semester label for each semester’s section. Please do not be concerned if the past terms in the dropdown list don’t go back far enough to cover your coursework. Any courses you have completed can go on any term in the dropdown, as DegreeWorks does not enforce your audit based on the terms in the Planner.
    4. Enter each course you have taken and each course you plan to take, and you may enter them on any semester that has available spaces. Enter Auburn University courses in the format  XXXX 1234, or drag them over from the left-hand side of the screen if you see them there. Transfer courses must begin with a hyphen (dash) and must include at least one space. Please use the Notes block to indicate the Institution and any other pertinent information.
      Note Example
    5. Enter any notes that you need for your advisor or Graduate School staff to see into the Notes fields for the corresponding semester sections.
    6. Click the Save button. If there are problems with any of the courses, you will see an error message that will provide directions for how to correct the error. Review your Planner to be certain it is complete and that you have listed at least the minimum hours required for your degree. Incomplete Planners will not be processed by the Graduate School and will only lead to delays .
      Error Message Example
    7. Once your Planner has been saved in DegreeWorks, return to the DegreeWorks Plan of Study page to submit the Committee Selection form, else the Graduate School will not be aware that your Planner is ready.

Last modified: July 18, 2018