Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Guide – Samples

Preliminary PagesRequiredGuideTemplate
Title PageRequiredGuideSampleTemplate
Table of ContentsRequiredGuideSampleTemplate
List of TablesRequired (if applicable)GuideSampleTemplate
List of Figures or IllustrationsRequired (if applicable)GuideSampleTemplate
List of AbbreviationsRequired (if applicable)GuideSampleTemplate
Reference PagesRequiredGuide


All templates are prepared using 12 point Times New Roman font.  The margins are set at 1″ on all sides.

The Preliminary Pages template includes all required and optional pages.  Simply fill in the blanks and delete the optional pages that you do not need.  Pages will automatically be renumbered.


For theses or dissertations containing many equations (typically mathematics or engineering students), LaTex may be used for styling.

Download and unzip the au_style_files.zip to a directory, copy the ausample.tex file to thesis.tex, modify the \title, \author, \date, \copyright year, \advisor, and \professor tags for the preamble, and start writing your thesis or dissertation. Alternatively, you can look at the required items in ausample.tex and modify your pre-existing thesis or dissertation tex file.

For more information on getting started with LaTex, you may visit the official LaTex Project Site or Professor Stanley Reeves’ website.

Last modified: December 18, 2017