General FAQ

How do I apply for a travel fellowship?

Apply on the Graduate Travel Fellowships Web page.

How much money is available to me for a travel fellowship?

Travel fellowship amounts typically range from $100 to $500, depending on factors such as the applicant’s destination, other funding sources, and availability of funds.

What other awards are available from the graduate school?

The Graduate School accepts nominations annually for a number of awards and grants. Check the Awards page for all available opportunities. All other funding is awarded by departments.

When is the latest I can begin an assistantship and still get the tuition waiver?

The eighth class day in fall and spring terms, the fifth class day during summer term. Find more information in the Tuition Fellowship FAQ section.

If I quit my assistantship position before the end of the semester, will I lose my Tuition Fellowship?

Yes. You must continue working through the last class day to receive the tuition benefit. If you quit before then, you must repay tuition for that term. Find more information in the Tuition Fellowship FAQ section.

Are students who are only pursuing a graduate certificate eligible for financial aid?

No, non-degree seeking students enrolled only in a graduate certificate program are not eligible for financial aid.

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