Graduate Council Curriculum Committee Agenda – November 30, 2015


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Course Number Course Title Type of Change
College of Agriculture
CSES 7546 Principles of Plant Nutrition New Course
CSES 7970 Special Topics New Course
CSES 8580 Fate and Transport of Chemicals in Soils Course Change
HORT 7010 Experimental Methods in Horticulture Course Change
College of Business
ISNG-GCRT GCRT Management Information Systems Program Change
FINC 7690 Advanced Financial Systems Course Change
College of Education
EDLD 8300 Curriculum Theory and Practice Course Change
KINE 7536 Advanced Principles of Strength and Conditioning New Course
KINE 7546 Athletic Movement Enhancemenet New Course
KINE 7556 Efficent Movement Strategies New Course
HPNG-MS (Alt) Physical Education/Teacher Education Program Change
HPNG-MS Trad Physical Education/Teacher Education Program Change
TBD-MA Master fo Arts (MA) in Counseling Psychology New Program
RSED 6170 Transition from Birth to Adulthood Course Change
College of Engineering
AERO 7996 Research and Thesis New Course
AERO 8996 Research and Dissertation New Course
College of Liberal Arts
COMM 6300 Sex, Gender, and Sport New Course
COMM 6600 Political Communication Course Change
SOWO 7000 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare New Course
SOWO 7010 Advanced Clinical Practice New Course
SOWO 7020 Psychopathology New Course
SOWO 7030 Evaluatino in Social Work Practice New Course
SOWO 7040 Social Work Practice in the Health Care Field New Course
SOWO 7050 Mental Health New Course
SOWO 7060 Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families New Course
SOWO 7080 Policy Practice and Social Justice New Course
SOWO 7090 Advanced Social Welfare Policy New Course
SOWO 7100 Gerontology New Course
SOWO 7110 Trauma Informed Practice New Course
SOWO 7120 Psychosocial Context of Disability New Course
SOWO 7130 Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents New Course
SOWO 7700 Foundations of Social Work Research New Course
SOWO 7800 Human Behavior and the Social Environment New Course
SOWO 7920 Generalist Field New Course
SOWO 7930 Advanced Field New Course
TBD-Master of Social Work Master of Social Work New Program
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
WILD 6280 Avian Ecology and Management Course Change
WILD 6290 Mammalian Ecology and Management Course Change

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