Graduate Council Curriculum Committee Agenda – November 28, 2016


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Course Number

Course Title

Type of Change

College of Agriculture 
CSES 7256 Crop Physiology New Course
FISH 6210 Principles of Aquaculture Change Description
FISH 6220 Water Science Change Description
FISH 6250 Aquaculture Production Change Description & Prerequisite
FISH 6320 Limnology Change Prerequisite
FISH 6321  Limnology Labratory Change Prerequisite
FISH 6380 General Ichthyology Change Description
FISH 6410 Introduction to Fish Health Change Description
FISH 6425  Marine Fish Diseases Change Description
FISH 6510 Fisheries Biology and Management Change Prerequisite
FISH 6520 Small Impoundment Management Change Description & Prerequisite
FISH 6650  Fish and Seafood Processing Technology Change Description & Prerequisite
FISH 7340 Fish Ecology Change Description & Prerequisite
FISH 7360 Management of Aquatic Flora in Fisheries and Aquaculture Change Description & Prerequisite
FISH 7460 Clinical Fish Disease Diagnosis Change Prerequisite
FISH 7660  Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology Change Description & Prerequisite
PLPA 6050 Plant Disease Diagnosis Change Prerequisite
PLPA 6060 Plant Disease Management Change Prerequisite
PLPA 6300 Plant-Bacterial Interactions Change Level
PLPA 6400 Plant Virology Change Prerequisite
PLPA 6500 Plant Nematology Change Prerequisite
PLPA 6920 Internship Change Prerequisite
PLPA 7080 Field Survey of Plant Pathology Change Prerequisite
PLPA 7860 Plant Disease Epidemiology Change Prerequisite
PLPA 7930 Journal Review for Entomology and Plant Pathology Change Prerequisite
PLPA 8930 Journal Review for Entomology and Plant Pathology Change Prerequisite
ABM Proposal Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Program Development New ABM Proposal

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