Congratulations on completing your doctorate!


The Survey of Earned Doctorates is the definitive source of information on the nation’s new research doctorates.  Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and five other Federal agencies and conducted by NORC, the SED is critical to understanding in what specialty areas doctorates are produced and their post-graduation employment plans. Results are used by government as well as academic institutions to make decisions about graduate education funding, developing new programs and supporting existing ones.


The ability of the survey to accurately describe doctorate earners depends on obtaining responses from all doctorate degree recipients. Your response affects decisions made for the future generations of doctorate recipients. 


The SED is pleased to introduce our new electronic registration process. Research doctorate recipients will now be able to register directly via the web and instantaneously receive a PIN and password as well as the URL to the survey.  With this information, you can access and complete the survey all on-line. The registration URL is:



If you have any questions about the web survey, please do not hesitate to contact us: