Dental & Vision Insurance Plans


Starting in fall 2022, students will now have the option to select dental and vision insurance coverage through Surebridge with United Healthcare Student Resources. This is not required, but an optional plan in which students can enroll at any point throughout the year, even if you do not currently have the United Healthcare student health insurance. Students may select student, spouse, and family coverage for either dental, vision, or both.


Dental and Vision insurance is additional, optional coverage that students can select and pay for through the UHCSR website. Students that are not enrolled in the UHCSR health insurance plan are also eligible to enroll in the optional dental and vision plans. Students can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually for the additional coverage.  These options are available on student’s existing UHCSR accounts, the mobile app, and the website.


If you elect the vision insurance coverage, this will be attached to your medical insurance card once you enroll, so there is no additional vision insurance card. If you elect dental insurance coverage, you will receive a separate card for dental insurance.



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Last modified: June 30, 2022