Health Insurance Program Waiver



Who is eligible to request a waiver to opt-out of the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GHSIP):
This waiver request form is for domestic graduate students who are included in the mandatory group (GA/GRA/GTAs) and wish to opt-out of coverage due to having an existing health insurance policy of equal or greater coverage.

Who is NOT eligible to request a waiver using this form:

International students must contact the insurance office at to complete a waiver form. Any international student who completes this online waiver form will have their waiver denied. International graduate students in F or J immigration status are subject to the conditions of the Mandatory International Student and Scholar health insurance plan, check with the Office of International Programs at

How does the waiver work:

Domestic GA/GTA/GRA students who fall under the mandatory coverage requirement may waive out of this policy only by providing evidence of equal or greater coverage than the entirety of the AU policy. Waiver requests to opt-out of the GSHIP received due to insurance purchased through must be of gold standard or higher in order to be accepted for processing.


What is the deadlines to submit a waiver request to opt-out:
Fall and academic year Waivers are due no later than September 15th. Spring Waivers are due no later than February 16th. Waiver applications are accepted for two months following the waiver deadline, but are subject to prorated insurance costs. For example, if you turn in your waiver in March for a spring waiver you are still billed for January and February’s insurance premiums. Students who waive out of Fall semester will be waived out of Spring/Summer semester as well, unless otherwise indicated. Students who waive out of the GSGHP/ISSHP will NOT be eligible for the university subsidy. Students who waive out of the insurance but wish to re-enroll at a later date may optionally do so at any time by contacting the insurance coordinator.

Please be aware that a new insurance waiver request form must be completed at the beginning of each new academic year. If a waiver was completed for fall semester, this will be automatically applied to spring/summer semester.

How will I know if my waiver request to opt-out is approved:

Once this form is successfully submitted with all steps, the student will receive an email from United HealthCare stating that your waiver request has been approved. Please allow seven business days for Auburn University to receive this information from United HealthCare, process this waiver, and reverse the charge on the student’s e-bill for the GSHIP premiums.

Click the button below to access the waiver request form:

Please contact Aime McCorcle at if you need any help with this form.

Last modified: March 25, 2022