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Graduate Students Recognized at 2012 Research Gala

April 5, 2012

Twenty three graduate students were among those recognized at the 2012 Research Gala on April 3, wrapping up two days of oral and poster presentations by students and faculty.   Research Week 2012 has been the first campus wide event to bring together faculty, undergrads and graduate students to highlight research and creative scholarship at Auburn University. First place winners in the Graduate Scholars Symposium at Research Week 2012 were Alexander Hodge (Chemical Engineering), Jessica Daves (Spanish), Justin Havird (Biological Sciences), John Magnotti (Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences), Julian Vida (integrated Design and Construction), Petra Kerscher (Chemical Engineering), Inseyah Bagasrawala (Pharmacal Sciences), and Andrew Shen (Experimental Psychology).

Abstracts for all Research Week participants can be viewed at

Below is the full list of winners from the Graduate Scholars Symposium at Research Week 2012.

Oral Presentations:


1st – Alexander Hodge, Chemical Engineering: Directing the maturation of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes using soluble nitric oxide donors

2nd – Hema Ramsurn, Chemical Engineering: Biocrude production by acidic-subcritical followed by alkaline-supercritical-water two-step liquefaction

3rd – Christopher Wilson, Electrical Engineering: Sliding mode control of multi-input power switching systems

3rd (tied) – Ying Zhu, Chemical Engineering: In-situ electrochemical characterization of solid oxide fuel cells at loads



1st – Jessica Daves, Spanish: Two crabs in the same shell: A phraseological comparison of Rosario Ferré’s “Language Duel” poems



1st – Justin Havird, Biology: Osmoregulatory and metabolic capabilities of Halocaridina rubra (Crustacea: Atyidae)

2nd – Desiree Wanders, Biomedical Sciences: Niacin increases adiponectin in obese mice in a receptor-dependent manner

3rd – Meghan Davolt, Biomedical Sciences: Establishment, validation and application of multispectral imaging technology to studies of bovine reproductive tract development


Social Sciences

1st – John Magnotti, Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences: Estimating capacity and control of visual working memory

2nd – Sam Logan, Kinesiology: Effectiveness of motor skill interventions in children: A meta-analysis




1st – Julian Vida, Integrated Design and Construction: Restoring Foley: Adapting the past for a sustainable future



1st – Petra Kerscher, Chemical Engineering: The effect of nitric oxide on endothelial progenitor cell proliferation

2nd – Min Kim, Chemical Engineering: Pseudo-continuous fermentation – An effective way to study the dynamics of co-culture systems

3rd – Shaima Nahreen, Chemical Engineering; Conversion of Biobutanol to unsaturated higher hydrocarbons by catalytic dehydration

3rd (tied) – Charlotte Stewart, Chemical Engineering: Synthesis of higher alcohols from syngas over a K-promoted Cu-Co-Zn catalyst in supercritical hexane

3rd (tied) – Arianna Tieppo, Chemical Engineering: Controlled in vivo release from daily disposable contact lenses



1st – Inseyah Bagasrawala, Pharmacal Sciences: Protective effects of PPAR-gamma activation against AGE-induced modification pf coactivator p300/CBP

2nd – Sonnet Gomes, Geology: Sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Upper Pottsville Formation, Cahaba Synclinorium

2nd – Aindrea McHugh, Exercise Science: The effects of a 7-week low frequency recreational jogging program on heart rate variability

3rd – Isha Dhande, Pharmacal Sciences: Protective role of the angiotensin AT2 receptor in obesity-induced renal inflammation

3rd – Sourashish Nag, Pharmacology: Angiotensin AT2R activation rescues high-fat diet-induced adipocyte size increase in young male mice

Social Sciences

1st – Andrew Shen, Experimental Psychology: A comparison of peri-adolescent and adult performance on a two-choice serial discrimination reversal

2nd – Saranrat Wittayanukorn, Pharmacy Care Systems: Evaluation of medication therapy management (MTM) services for patients with cardiovascular disease


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