News: 2013, April 4th


Graduate student winners at Research Week announced


Twenty-one graduate students out of the nearly 100 participants in the Graduate Symposium at Research Week have been selected as winners.

Research Week is a campus-wide celebration of research and creative scholarship that features a series of presentations, workshops and other events. Graduate student participants earned their place in Research Week after being among the top competitors during February’s Graduate Scholars Forum.

The winning students will receive a cash prize and be recognized at the Research Week Awards Gala and the annual Graduate School awards ceremony.

The winners are:

Engineering- Oral Session

  1. Alexander Hodge, Department of Chemical Engineering: “Controlling Stem Cell-derived Cardiomyocyte Development Using S-Nitrosocysteine”
  2. Charlotte Stewart, Department of Chemical Engineering: “Effect of H2/CO Ratio on the Production of Higher Alcohols from Syngas under Gas Phase and Supercritical Phase Conditions”
  3. Christopher Ward, Department of Polymer and Fiber Engineering: “Remote Photothermal Activation of Polyurethane/Gold Shape Memory Nanocomposites”

Sciences- Oral Session

  1. Christopher Hamilton, Department of Biological Sciences: “An integrative approach to delimiting species using multiple DNA barcoding methods: a case study of the North American tarantula genus Aphonopelma”
  2. Justin Havird, Department of Biological Sciences: “The effects of shrimp grazing on the microbial communities of Hawaiian anchialine habitats”
  3. Znar Barwary, Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology: “Concentration and Distance Effects of Soil Treatment with Altriset on Eastern Subterranean Termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)”

Social Sciences- Oral Session

  1. Allen Sabey, Department of Human Development and Family Studies: “Religiosity and Compassionate Love as Predictors of Older Adults’ Marital Satisfaction”
  2. Ian Cero, Department of Psychology: “Improving the prediction of suicide: a non-linear approach”
  3. Jia Zhongyuan, Department of Consumer and Design Sciences: “Why People Use Fashion Companies’ Facebook Pages”

Humanities- Oral Session

  1. Millie Harrison, Department of Communication & Journalism: “‘Go Glitz or Go Home’: When Little Girls Are No Longer Little in TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras”
  2. Jessica Daves, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures: “Poetic Exploration Across Lost Borders: Defining ‘New Latino Poetry’ in The Wind Shifts Anthology”
  3. Jakob Jensen, Department of Human Development and Family Studies: “A dyadic view of support in marriage: The critical role of men’s support provision”

Engineering- Poster Session

  1. Shantanu Pradhan, Department of Chemical Engineering: “An Artificial Breast Cancer Tissue for Drug-testing Applications”
  2. MariAnne Sullivan, Department of Materials Engineering: “Strengthening mechanisms of nacre in the abalone shell”
  3. Selcuk Poyraz, Department of Polymer and Fiber Engineering: “Carbon Nanotube Growth on Tires…Really?”

Sciences- Poster Session

  1. Tolulope Morawo, Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology: “Behavioral responses of the parasitoids, Microplitis croceipes (specialist) and Cotesia marginiventris (generalist) to host related volatile”
  2. Ford Dyke, Department of Kinesiology: “Validating a novel physiological metric of cognitive workload”
  3. Walter Casper IV, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: “Laser ablation studies of RDX sensitivity and combustion”

Social Sciences- Poster Session

  1. Ting Wang, Department of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Technology: “Chinese School Principals’ Behavioral Intentions in Relation to Green School Practices”
  2. Christopher Ballmann, Department of Kinesiology: “Effect Of Hypoxic Recovery Post-Exercise On Blood Oxidative Stress Markers”
  3. Marc Jackson, Department of Psychology: “Self-Control for Healthy Eating Under Time Pressure”

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