Graduate Assistants

Before Arrival

Contact your hiring department to inquire about their departmental requirements.

At a minimum, the following will be required:

Initiate the Background Check process.

  1. Obtain the Background Check Report Code and Department Number from the Department.
  2. Complete the Background Check. Processing of the report may take 7-10 business days. When complete, the student will receive an email to review the report before sharing with Auburn University. Permission to share with Auburn University must be given by the student in order to complete the process.

Complete the Section I of the I-9.

Complete the following forms at your earliest convenience and submit to your hiring department.

After Arrival

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs):

Complete the Sexual and Gender Based Conduct Training within 30 days of your hire date.

  • All graduate assistants at Auburn University are required to complete the Sexual and Gender Based Conduct Policy Training.
  • After your hire date, you will be provided the necessary steps to complete the training. All communication will be conducted via email. For further information, contact

Last modified: June 12, 2019