Graduate Assistants

Before You Arrive

Please read your offer letter from your department carefully. The hiring department will provide information on the hiring process well in advance* of your first semester of employment, which will include:

  • Registration and current course schedule (enrollment is required for employment every semester)
  • setup of direct deposit (required) through AU Access
  • International Students: Please see hiring department regarding completion of Certification of Eligibility for Employment Form.
  • Domestic students with a GA/GRA/GTA: you are automatically enrolled in the Graduate Student Health Insurance program and will be charged the insurance premiums unless you complete an insurance waiver with proof of equal or greater coverage by the published deadlines.
  • Register to attend the new GTA orientation


Familiarize yourself with the Graduate Student Handbook, which contains a section on graduate assistantships.


*NOTE: The hiring process is a multi-step, sequential process that takes time. Failure to complete the hiring steps in a timely manner may delay your first paycheck, your employment, or even result in the offer being rescinded.

After Arrival

Complete the Title IX online training within 30 days of your hire date.

  • All graduate assistants at Auburn University are required to complete the online Title IX training.
  • After your hire date, you will be provided the necessary steps to complete the training. All communication will be conducted via email. For further information, contact


Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs):

    1. Attend GTA Orientation.
    2. Become familiar with GTA resources
    3. Attend any departmental orientation if applicable
    4. Read the Graduate Student Handbook

Last modified: November 20, 2023