Planning Your Travel to Auburn

Flight and Ground Transportation

Scheduling your Flight: Try to schedule your time of arrival to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) so that your flight arrives in Atlanta (ATL) by 8:00 pm.  The earlier you arrive at ATL, the easier it will be for you to receive assistance.

Arranging for shuttle service to Auburn. Auburn University is approximately 100 miles (1.5 hours drive) from the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL). Therefore, you will need to arrange for ground transportation to Auburn from ATL. The best options for incoming students are as follows:

  • AU Airport Shuttle Service is offered, please check our airport shuttle registration page for additional details.
  • Groome Transportation is a commercial shuttle service that offers multiple daily trips from ATL to Auburn for a reasonable fee. The Auburn Hotel and Conference Center is a convenient drop-off location for passengers.
  • Personal arrangements can be made if you have a friend or local contact in Auburn who is willing to drive to ATL and offer you transportation to Auburn.
Medical Updates

Complete the medical information form that was sent to you by the school. You can also find the form here . The document has a detailed list of required tests and vaccines. There are several mandatory tests and vaccines listed. Be sure to get all of them.

Mandatory Travel Documents for your Journey

Check that you have the following documents with you as you travel to the US.

  • I-20 (Usually three Pages)
  • Passport
  • Visa (Usually pasted in the passport, by this time you should have made sure that there are no typos or mistakes in your visa)
  • University Acceptance Letter
  • Address and Phone numbers (of any local contacts in Auburn)
  • Photo copies of the aforementioned documents (placed one in each bag)
Packing for your Stay

**Please Note: This is not an absolute list, this is meant to provide some helpful suggestions for packing **


There is not a specific dress code for the majority of campus settings. Most students dress based on their personal preference. Dressing as informally as a tee shirt and jeans is acceptable for both genders. Formal dress is mandatory occasionally. You may, of course, choose to bring along some traditional clothes from your country that may be difficult to find when shopping in the US.

The climate in Auburn consists of four seasons, with generally mild winters. It is very hot and humid during summer months (May through August/September). Because of the heat and humidity of summer, preferable clothing during this time is sleeveless tops with shorts/capris/skirts for women and shorts with t-shirts for men.

Winter months do have some cold, windy days, as well as some days/nights with below freezing temperatures. You may choose to pack a winter coat and other winter clothes, but these items can be purchased inexpensively in the US. If you are unable to bring any of the items suggested below, most of them are available at reasonable cost in the US.

Packing the following for your first year may be helpful to prevent extra expenditures upon arrival.

  •  At least 15 pairs of undergarments
  •  Casual/informal outfits to last for two weeks without laundering*
  •  Your preferred sleepwear to last for two weeks without laundering*
  •  1-2 Formal or “dressy” outfits
  •  1-2 belts (if applicable)
  •  1-2 pair flip flops or sandals
  •  1-2 pairs durable, comfortable shoes
  •  8-10 pairs socks (if applicable)
  •  2 large towels, 2 small towels, 2-3 wash cloths
  •  An umbrella
  •  A lightweight jacket for Fall
  •  1 pair gloves
  •  Hat/cap for colder weather

*The laundry cycle is generally once in 15 days, so it is helpful to have sufficient clothes accordingly. One round of laundry costs $1.25 per wash and $1.25 per dry cycle.

  Personal Items

Bring the following for your first few days (or weeks if you prefer). There are several options for purchasing these items inexpensively, so it is not necessary to pack for a longer period of time.

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Dental floss.
  • Hair comb/brush.
  • Bath Soap or Liquid Body wash
  • Shampoo (1 bottle)
  • Hair Conditioner (1 bottle)
  • Shaving supplies [includes shaving Creams/Gels, Razor, Razor blades (pack of 5), shaving brush (optional) aftershave (optional)
  • Hair comb/brush.
  • Perfumes
  • Deodorants
  • Ear
  • Nail-care supplies (trimmers, nail file, hand cream, etc.)
  • Cold Cream/Moisturizer/Coconut oil or other cosmetic oils.

In the US, customary baths are shower-style and bathrooms are equipped accordingly. If you are unaccustomed to showers, you may want to bring a mug or other needs for bathing.

Last modified: May 25, 2018