Postdoctoral Job Search Resources


The Humanities PhD Project  Supports doctoral students and faculty in the humanities as they imagine, plan for, and pursue multiple career paths as humanists in the world, in the academy and beyond.

National Endowment for the Humanities  Supports “Next Generation PhD” projects at twenty-eight U.S. campuses. The NEH also employs student interns on a rolling continuous basis.

The Versatile Ph.D.   OPA offers Versatile PhD, a web-based resource for postdocs interested in exploring career opportunities beyond academe.  The site is mainly for Humanities and Social Science Postdocs, but may benefit others as well.  Access this supportive, web-based community by clicking here or copy and paste the following link into your browser – (Requires Onyen registration). The site includes:

  • PhD Career Finder – Provides information about careers in various disciplines
  • Discussion Forums – Helps you learn from others and get your specific questions answered
  • Panel Discussions – With PhDs now employed in various fields such as grant writing, management consulting, university administration, and policy analysis
  • Members Directory – Is searchable and can assist in networking
  • Meetups – Which occur regularly in many cities across North America
  • MyVPhD – Lets you manage your account and sign up for email notifications of forum discussions and/or jobs

Similar to faculty interview Job Talks and Chalk Talks, many industry job interviews require a presentation on your past and current research.   If you have questions about the talk (e.g., audience, duration, preferred subject matter, setting, audiovisual equipment) – ask the hiring manager with whom you have been communicating.

Job talk for industry researcher position:  UCSF

To ace your job talk, you need to know your audience: Science Magazine

Tooling up: job talk jitters: Science Magazine

Preparing for industry interview for scientist position: Science Career Forum

Last modified: May 3, 2021