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Publication Processing Fee

All theses and dissertations must be published by allowing Auburn University to reproduce, distribute, display, and transmit the work in the electronic/print format in the AUETD database. Master’s Thesis Students and PhD Students will be charged a publication fee of $50 for this service. This fee will be charged to the student’s bursar bill when the publication agreement is submitted to the Graduate School.


The Graduate School and the Auburn University Bookstore have partnered together to offer students and departments on campus printing options for a theses and dissertations through Isaak Books. To learn more about the options available and pricing please visit

Optional Copyright Registration:

If you plan to copyright some or all of your ETD, you should discuss these plans with your advisor, especially if the ETD includes shared data. For information about “Copyright Basics” and “Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright,” visit the U. S. Copyright Office website at

To register your thesis/dissertation, visit the U. S. Copyright Office, Registration Portal / Literary Works website at


This information has been prepared to help you and your advisor make informed decisions about whether to 1) publish your ETD in AUETD immediately; or 2) limit access to your ETD in AUETD. Publication of your ETD in AUETD is an academic requirement and cannot be postponed indefinitely.


  • Some commercial and academic publishers are reluctant to publish a thesis or dissertation if it has first been published electronically in AUETD. Therefore, if you plan to publish your ETD elsewhere at a later date, you should consider limiting access to your ETD in AUETD for one of the allowable time periods.
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS: Publication in AUETD is immediate and irreversible. Once your ETD is submitted and published electronically in AUETD, it is accessible immediately to anyone with access to the World Wide Web. Therefore, you cannot decide afterward to limit access to your ETD. The decision to publish immediately in AUETD may have consequences if you later plan to publish your ETD elsewhere.


  • WITHHELD ACCESS. You can request that access be withheld to all users for a limited period of time. This option prevents anyone from viewing your ETD in AUETD. This option excludes you (the author), your advisors, committee members, people who you may want to write letters of recommendation for you, family members—EVERYONE.
  • LIMITED ACCESS TO AUBURN USERS: You can request that access be limited to Auburn users (anyone with a valid AU ID userid and password) for a limited period of time. Even if you limit access to your ETD, basic bibliographical information about your ETD, including the abstract, will be published immediately in AUETD’s searchable database.
  • LIMITED ACCESS FOR A PERIOD OF TIME. You can limit access to your ETD in AUETD for one of the following time periods:
    • One year
    • Two years
    • Three years
    • Four years
    • Five years

NOTE: The ETD will be published with unlimited access immediately upon expiration of the embargo time period, unless you petition, with your advisor’s consent, to the Dean of the Graduate School to extend the embargo period of limited access.


Auburn University disseminates its scholarly output of master’s theses and dissertations through ProQuest Dissertation and Theses Global in order to promote and preserve the intellectual output of its master’s and doctoral degree candidates. Embargo options are recognized and enforced. ProQuest® Dissertation & Theses Global reaches 3,000 universities with over 200 million searches annually and supports discovery of scholarly output through all major subject and discipline indexes, such as SciFinder, MathSciNet, PsycINFO, and ERIC. ProQuest provides these services at no charge and facilitates the nonexclusive distribution of master’s thesis’ or doctoral dissertations. Royalties could be received based on sales and usage of the thesis or dissertation through ProQuest.

Last modified: May 23, 2023