Outstanding Doctoral Student Award Past Winners

  Name Department
2009 Sudhir Ahluwalia Pathobiology
Lori Elmore-Staton Human Development and Family Studies
Prashanth Jayanna Biomedical Sciences
Genevieve Pruneau Clinical Psychology
Justin Shroyer Kinesiology
Amy Skibiel Biological Sciences
Charles Solvason Chemical Engineering
Francis Tayie Nutrition and Food Science
Xiaoyun Wei Electrical and Computer Engineering
Xiaofeng Xu Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
2010 Jan Boronski Mathematics and Statistics
David Glover Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures
Chengdong Huang Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kendall Matthew Hurst Chemical Engineering
Qin Jie Electrical and Computer Engineering
Evi Paemelaere Biological Sciences
Clinton Rowe Animal Sciences
Mary J. Sandage Kinesiology
Sateeshkumar Sathigari Pharmacal Sciences
Kelly M. Tu Human Development and Family Studies
2011 Ermanno Affuso Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
Jordan Michele Bailey Psychology
David John Branscomb Polymer and Fiber Engineering
Adam Joseph Byrd Chemical Engineering
Starla Dallesasse Special Education, Rehabilitation and Counseling
Laura Kristin Estep Biological Sciences
Matthew Kayatin Chemical Engineering
Esther Ndumi Ngumbi Entomology
Venkata Sambasivarao Somisetti Chemistry and Biochemistry
Nhong Van Tran Applied Economics
2012 Erike Renee Crandall Physics
Hector Joaquin Galicia  Chemical Engineering
Ryan J. Kelly Human Development and Family Studies
Shikai Liu  Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures
Zhen Liu Polymer and Fiber Engineering
Samuel W. Logan  Kinesiology
Stephen Christopher Marble Horticulture
Christopher McClure  Biological Sciences
Donglin Hu  Electrical and Computer Engineering
Desiree Wanders Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology
2013 David Branscomb Polymer and Fiber Engineering
Yating Chai Materials Engineering
Leanne Dillard Animal Sciences
Ting Li Entomology and Plant Pathology
Xiu-Lei Mo Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology
Mahmoud Moeini Sedeh Mechanical Engineering
Laura Morgan Human Development and Family Studies
Benjamin Newcomer Pathobiology
Hema Ramsurn Chemical Engineering
Kimberly Smith Curriculum and Teaching
2014 Yanyan Gong Civil Engineering
Hui Huang Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology
Jake Jensen Human Development and Family Studies
Xunfei Jiang Computer Science and Software Engineering
Andrea Larsen Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences
Farruk Lutful Kabir Pathobiology
Scott Martin Mechanical Engineering
Branson Maynard Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hillary Plummer Kinesiology
Arianna Tieppo Rappo Chemical Engineering
2015 Kamaljit Banger Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Aubrey Beal Electrical and Computer Engineering
Symon Gathiaka Chemistry and Biochemistry
Emily Graff Pathobiology
Robert Herring Chemical Engineering
Julianne McGill Human Development and Family Studies
Tania McKey Educational Foundations, Leadership and Technology
Tolulope Morawo Entomology and Plant Pathology
Burcu Ozden Physics
Lindsey Zanchettin English
2016 Andrew Damiani Chemical Engineering
Zhifeng He Electrical and Computer Engineering
J. Megan Irwin Kinesiology
Feng Liu Entomology and Plant Pathology
Khondaker Rahman Pathobiology
Allen Sabey Human Development and Family Studies
Rajdeep Shakya Biosystems Engineering
Jun Yao Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences
Yuanyuan Zhang Materials Engineering
Kelly Zuromski Psychology
2017 Ian Cero Psychology
Eric Fish Pathobiology
Rebecca Goodman Human Development and Family Studies
Jessica Kelly Chemical Engineering
Wesley Kephart Kinesiology
Rebecca Koch Biological Sciences
Xi Lin Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology
Balamurugan Sundaram Mechanical Engineering
Ni Xiang Entomology and Plant Pathology
Simin Zou Electrical and Computer Engineering
2018 Jenna E. Bloemer Drug Discovery and Development
Emily E. Hardy Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kathleen Hlavaty Human Development and Family Studies
Thibaud Kuca Biomedical Sciences
Yaru Lin Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
C. Brooks Mobley Kinesiology
Partha Saha Chemical Engineering
Rakish Shrestha Mechanical Engineering
Ryan J. Weaver Biological Sciences
Yi Zhou Computer Science and Software Engineering
2019 Ana Alvarez Clinical Sciences
Isuru Ariyarathna Chemistry and Biochemistry
Benjamin Arnberg Educational Foundations and Leadership Technology
Sarah Dickinson Animal Sciences
Uday Goteti Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jerraco Johnson Kinesiology
Mahnaz Kargar Horticulture
Hanoi Medina Crop Soil and Environmental Sciences
Jonathan Pegues Mechanical Engineering
Nicole Schultz Psychology
Armin VahidMohammadi Mechanical Engineering

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