Outstanding Master’s Student Award Past Winners

  Name Department
2009 Bradley Dutton Electrical and Computer Engineering
Judson Grubbs Animal Sciences
Chadha Gurkishan Pharmacal Sciences
Matthew Kayatin Chemical Engineering
Hasan Kocer Integrated Textile and Apparel Sciences
Christopher McCauley Political Science
John McCoy Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Angela Montoya Human Development and Family Studies
Erdem Selver Polymer and Fiber Engineering
Robyn Wilborn Clinical Sciences
2010 Kelly Bragan Mathematics and Statistics 
Hans Saint-Eloi Cadely Human Development and Family Studies
Mary Kimberly Cline Animal Sciences
Matt Dodson Biological Sciences
Rebecca Ann Funk Biomedical Sciences
Kyle Patrick Lynch Aerospace Engineering
Peter John Mahoney Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Molly Ann Plueger Kinesiology
Naveenan Thiagarajan Mechanical Engineering
James R. Thomka Geology and Geography
2011 Michael F. Chislock Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures
Larissa Ferretti Human Development and Family Studies
Kenneth E. Games  Kinesiology, Exercise Science
Kyle Patrick Lynch Aerospace Engineering
Nicholas "Nick" A. Martin Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Daniel L. Mundie Civil Engineering
Hossein Noori Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chandru Periasamy Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Deene Stephens Biological Sciences
Mary Clair Thompson Mathematics and Statistics
2012 Elizabeth Jane Barrett Clinical Sciences
Lowell Stafford Brown Mechanical Engineering
Alexander E. Chan Human Development and Family Studies
Garrard Conley English
Jeffrey Keevan Geology
Seth Kendall Hill Pharmacy Care Systems
David Mante Civil Engineering
Kelly Roper Martin Consumer Affairs
Tabitha K. Welch Animal Sciences
Charles James White Chemical Engineering
2013 Joel Abrahams Geology and Geography
Lauren Behnke Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Kristin Courtney Mathematics and Statistics
Julie Davis Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures
Zach DeVries Entomology and Plant Pathology
Laura Elmer English
Colin Haser Chemical Engineering
Hyeon Lee Mechanical Engineering
Elaine Norton Clinical Sciences
Allen Sabey Human Development and Family Studies
2014 Valeria Albanese Clinical Sciences
Audrey Gamble Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
Hamid Ghaednia Mechanical Engineering
Courteney McNamee Holland Animal Sciences
Allison Keever Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Kathleen Kent English
Shannon (Beth) McDaniel Human Development and Family Studies
Carley Muschara Curriculum and Teaching
Hunter Rogers Chemical Engineering
Simin Zou Electrical and Computer Engineering
2015 Paige Busby English
Nathaniel Carson Mechanical Engineering
Adrien-Maxence Hespel Clinical Sciences
Alex Kelly Chemical Engineering
Sandy Morrison Human Development and Family Studies
Sneha Neupane Biosystems Engineering
Michael Perez Civil Engineering
J. Forrest Shirley Pathobiology
Carla Weissend Animal Sciences
Yuxiang Zheng Mathematics and Statistics
2016 Katherine Bivens Animal Sciences
Rosemary Cuming Clinical Sciences
Kylee Dunham Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Uday Goteti Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ziaul Haque Geosciences
Alexander Kaeppler Human Development and Family Studies
Steven Kitchens Pathobiology
Brook Ladner Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management
William Palmer English
Dan Pierce Mechanical Engineering
2017 Heba Aref Health Outcomes Research and Policy
Michael Brooks English
Matthew Coleridge Clinical Sciences
Steven Gratz Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences
Sarah Gustitus Civil Engineering
Amie Hardin Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Management
Paige Hartman Psychology
Olivia Hartwick Human Development and Family Studies
Joshua Starling Mechanical Engineering
Andrea Cole Wahl Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
2018 Gustavo Ferlini Agne Veterinary Medicine
Nathan John Custer Backenstose Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences
Izailda Barbosa dos Santos Entomology and Plant Pathology
Wykle C. Greene Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
Angelina Haines Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Harry Lewis English
Kritika Malhotra Biosystems Engineering
Katie M. Mason Animal Sciences
Jessica Norton Human Development and Family Studies
Julio A. Yanes Psychology
2019 Andrew Edge Industrial Design
Nicole Habbit Chemical Engineering
Mohammad Kader Consumer and Design Sciences
Jasmine Kataria Poultry Science
Connor Martz Human Development and Family Studies
Benjamin McKenzie Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Daniel Newhard Biomedical Sciences
Nirmitkumar Patel Biosystems Engineering
Sindhu Ramesh Drug Discovery and Development
Sarin Putter Tiatragul Biological Sciences
Shannon Wilkerson Animal Sciences

Last modified: August 30, 2019