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All But Thesis (ABT) GRAD 6AA0 Registration Request Form
Application for Admission Form
Audit Course Registration Form
Committee, Transfers, Exceptions & Candidacy (CTEC) Form
Curriculum Change Form (Domestic Students)
Curriculum Change Form (International Students)
Dissertation First Submission Approval Form
Distinguished Dissertation Awards
FERPA (Family Educational Records Privacy Act) Form
Foreign Language Examination Registration Form
Final Examination Form, Master’s Thesis (Form 9)
Graduate Assistant Award Statement Form (International Students)
Graduate Faculty Approval System (GFAST) on Faculty/Advisors tab in AU Access
Graduate Minor Completion Form
Graduate Student Plan of Study and Committee, Transfers, Exceptions and Candidacy (CTEC) Form
Graduate Teaching Assistant Certification of  Eligibility for Employment
Graduation Application on My Academics tab in AU Access
Health Insurance Optional Enrollment Form
Health Insurance Waiver Request Form
Information Request Form
Leave of Absence Form
Loan Deferment Form (GRAD 7@@0/GRAD 8@@0)
Master’s Thesis Awards
Merriwether Fellowship
Official Statement of Finances for International Students Form 2023-24
Official Statement of Finances for International Students Form 2024-25
Outstanding Graduate Student Awards
Plan of Study Form
Readmission Form
Reduced Course Load (international students only) – FAQs and Request Form
Request for the Report on the General Oral Examination
Revision to Existing Plan of Study Form
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Option Form
Schedule Adjustment Information
Social Security Number Employment Certification Form
Survey of Earned Doctorates Form
Title IX online training – required of all GA/GRA/GTAs
Transferring Undergraduate Credits Form
Transient Form
Withdrawal/Resignation Policy

Last modified: September 12, 2023