GRAD 6AA0: Thesis / Non-Thesis with Project Registration Request


All But Thesis (ABT)


GRAD 6AA0 is a non-credit course that identifies the master’s student as having a full course load while completing the thesis or project portion of a master’s degree program. Students submitting this request form who meet the eligibility requirements listed below will be enrolled in the non-credit course by the Graduate School. Enrollment in GRAD 6AA0 will identify the master’s student in an “All But Thesis (ABT)” status while completing the thesis or project.


Who (must meet ALL of the first four requirements):

  • Master’s students who have completed all program coursework requirements and are engaged full time in the completion of thesis research or non-thesis project or in the preparation of the thesis or non-thesis project. Non-thesis course-only programs are NOT eligible for this request.
  • Master’s students who are concurrently enrolled in 7950, 7980, or 7990 for a minimum of one (1) credit hour.
  • Master’s students who are making significant progress towards the degree.
  • Master’s students who are making minimal use of the University facilities and resources.
  • Domestic students on federal financial aid may also complete this form for loan deferment, provided they also meet the above requirements.

Please submit this request to the Graduate School no later than 12 days prior to the first class day of the upcoming semester. A new request form is required each semester, up to a maximum of four (4) sequential semesters.



  • Complete the GRAD 6AA0 Thesis / Non-Thesis with Project Registration Request form online using the instructions below.
  • Please select the program and term for which you are submitting this request.
  • After selecting a program from the dropdown menu, your Major Professor’s name and email should automatically load into the form. If the desired program is not available in the dropdown, please contact the Graduate School at (334) 844-4700. If your Major Professor’s information does not load or is incorrect, please submit or amend your Committee, Transfers, Exceptions and Candidacy (CTEC) Form
  • Finally, confirm that you meet all “Requirements for Eligibility” and click “Submit.” Upon submission, this request will be sent to your Major Professor for approval. Once your Major Professor has approved, the request will be sent to the Graduate School for final approval.
  • Once the process is complete, you will be notified via email.

Last modified: August 6, 2021