Matriculation FAQ


How do I get on the graduation list?

Create a graduation application.  Look for the Grad Application icon on the MY ACADEMICS page of AU Access.Grad App Icon

When is the deadline for my graduation application?

You must file your graduation application by the end of the term prior to graduation.  For example, if you plan to graduate following the Spring term, you must file your graduation application by the end of the prior Fall term.

Please note that your graduation application will not be processed until you have submitted your Committee Selection form

The Grad Application system is located on AU AccessGrad App Icon

How do I add/drop a class after the 15th class day?

If you miss the drop/add deadline, you must request a WorkFlow to process that change. “Schedule Adjustment Forms” will only be accepted for previous terms, not current. The Office of the Registrar will not accept current term requests on the adjustment form.

To begin a WorkFlow, email the Graduate School with the following information.  Missing information will cause delays.

Student Name _______________________________________

Students Banner ID number: 90_________________

CRN for the course _____________________

Course Prefix and Number _____________________

Hours to enroll ________________

Name of instructor _____________________

Auburn University Email of the Instructor ______________________

Once a WorkFlow has been created, you will receive an email from the system and will need to approve it.  Next, it will go to the instructor for approval.  If the approval process is not completed within three days, the WorkFlow will default and will have to be created again.

How long do I have to clear a IN, NR, or IP grade?

Six months from the graduation day of the term you received the IN, NR, or IP grade.

If I have filed a graduation application and I do not meet deadlines or requirements for the anticipated graduation, do I need to file another one?

No, as long as the degree is the same, we will adjust your graduation up to a year. Please be aware you will be billed for the graduation fee each time you are on the graduation list, which is non-refundable after the 5th class day.

When and how will I receive my diploma after graduation?

Once you have completed a graduation application and have been placed in the Graduation Course (UNIV 4AA0) by your Graduate School Advisor, the Registrar’s office will send you an email with the Diploma Application. You will then tell the Registrar’s Office how you want your name printed on the diploma and the address to which your diploma will be sent. Diplomas are mailed to all graduating students 6-8 weeks after the graduation ceremony.

To create a graduation application, look for the Grad Application icon on the MY ACADEMICS page of AU Access.

Grad App Icon

Where can I find the forms referenced on various pages of the website?

We maintain a page of forms on our website for quick access.

Last modified: January 12, 2021