Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lecture


2024-25 nominations

  • Read the instructions on how to nominate a faculty member for the 2024-25 Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lecture.

The Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lecture is a lectureship recognizing a faculty member who has made significant contributions to graduate education at Auburn University. The lecture is jointly sponsored by the Graduate School and the Auburn Alumni Association. The Auburn Alumni Association generously provides a $2,000 award to the recipient, who is nominated by his or her department and selected by a committee of graduate faculty.  Awarded every academic year since 1975-76, the lectureship fosters a better understanding of the significant scholarly contributions made by Auburn University’s faculty.


Past Recipients

Year Name Department
1975-76 Malcolm McMillan History
1976-77 Martial A. Honnell Electrical Engineering
1977-78 Donald E. Davis Plant Pathology & Microbiology
1978-79 Benjamin F. Hoerlein Small Animal Surgery & Medicine
1979-80 Madison P. Jones English
1980-81 Carl S. Hoveland Agronomy & Soils
1981-82 Sidney D. Beckett Physiology & Pharmacology
1982-83 Robert R. Rea History
1983-84 Paul Melius Chemistry
1984-85 Charles L. Phillips Electrical Engineering
1985-86 Richard W. Redding Physiology & Pharmacology
1985-86 Paul D. Hill Mathematics & Statistics
1986-87 Fred J. Molz Civil Engineering
1987-88 David A. Roland Poultry Science
1988-89 Rodrigo Rodriguez-Kabana Plant Pathology
1989-90 Charles C. Lindner Mathematics & Statistics
1990-91 Leonard L. Grigsby Electrical Engineering
1991-92 J. Wayne Flynt History
1992-93 Dale L. Huffman Animal & Dairy Sciences
1993-94 C. Randall Clark Pharmacal Sciences
1994-95 Ram C. Purohit Large Animal Surgery & Medicine
1995-96 Richard C. Jaeger Electrical Engineering
1996-97 Chris Rodger Discrete & Statistical Sciences
1997-98 L. Bruce Gladden Health & Human Performance
1998-99 W. David Lewis History
1999-00 David B. South Forestry & Wildlife Sciences
2000-01 Daniel Szechi History
2001-02 Krystyna Kuperberg Mathematics
2002-03 Jitendra K. Tugnait Electrical and Computer Engineering
2003-04 Jacquelyn Mize Human Development and Family Studies
2004-05 Vitaly Vodyanoy Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology
2005-06 Olav Kallenberg Mathematics & Statistics
2006-07 Ram B. Gupta Chemical Engineering
2007-08 Bernhard Kaltenboeck Pathobiology
2008-09 Kim Walls Curriculum & Teaching
2009-10 Malcolm J. Crocker Mechanical Engineering
2010-11 Chris Newland Psychology
2011-12 Gary Gruenhage Mathematics & Statistics
2012-13 S. D. Worley Chemistry & Biochemistry
2014-15* Paula Backscheider English
2015-16 Barry Burkhart Psychology
2016-17 Stewart Schneller Chemistry & Biochemistry
2017-18 Henry Kinnucan Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
2018-19 Rex Dunham Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences
2019-20 Russell Muntifering Animal Sciences
2020-21 Jeffrey Suhling Mechanical Engineering
2021-22 Foster Dai Electrical & Computer Engineering
2022-23 Nancy Barry Curriculum & Teaching
2023-24 Frank "Skip" Bartol Anatomy, Physiology & Pharmacology

* In 2008, the Distinguished Graduate Faculty Lecture was moved from the spring to the fall. To more accurately reflect the timing of the lecture, the numbering sequence skipped ahead one year following the 2012-13 lecture. While the award is presented in fall, the lecture typically occurs in the following spring semester.

Last modified: January 9, 2024