Graduate Council Curriculum Committee Agenda – January 30, 2017


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Course Number

Course Title

Type of Change

College of Agriculture
AGEC-MS MS Agricultural Business and Economics Program Change
BIOL 6800 Introduction to Computational Biology New Course
CSES 7600 Agroclimatology New Course
CSES 7606 Agroclimatology New Course (Distance)
FISH 6710 Aquatic Microbiology Change Prerequisite
FISH 7650 Traditional Approaches to Fish Genetic Enhancement Change Prerequisite
FISH-MAqua MAq Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences Course Change
FISH-MS MS Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences Program Change
FISH-PhD PhD Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences Program Change
PLPA 6200 Mycology Change Prerequisite
PLPA 6206 Mycology Change Prerequisite
PLPA 6506 Plant Nematology Change Prerequisite
PLPA 7866 Plant Disease Epidemiology New Course
PLPA 7910 Teaching Practicum Course Change
College of Education
 ERMA 7216 Theory and Methodology of Qualitative Research New Course (Distance)
ERMA 7970 Special Topics in Research Methods Assessment Course Change
ERMA 7976 Special Topics in Research Methods Assessment New Course (Distance)
College of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
FOWS 7216 Restoration Ecology New Course
FOWS 7226 Forest History of Alabama and the Southeastern United States New Course
FOWS 7236 Forest Stand Dynamics New Course
FOWS 7246 Fire Ecology New Course
FOWS 7256 Longleaf Pine Ecology, Management, and Restoration New Course
WILD 6416 Human-Wildlife Conflicts New Course
College of Liberal Arts
CMJN 6100 CMJN Abroad New Course
CPLN 6060 Sustainable Transportation Planning and Policy Course Change
CPLN 6070 Environmental Planning Course Change
CPLN 6080 Affordable Housing Planning and Policy Course Change
CPLN 6090 Community Development Course Change
CPLN 6460 Geographic Information Systems for Planning and Policy Course Change
CPLN-MCP Master of Community Planning Course Change
CPLN 7430 Land Use Law Course Change
PSYC 6690 Advanced Analytics for Social and Behavioral Sciences New Course
SOCY-MS MS Sociology Program Change
ABM Industrial and Organizational Psychology New ABM Program
School of Nursing
MSN Nursing, Nurse Educator Track Program Revision
MSN Nursing, Nurse Practitioner Track Program Revision
NURS 8310 Scholarly Writing for Advanced Practice New Course
NURS 8320 Informatics and Data Management New Course
NURS 8330 Quantitative Methods for Outcome Evaluation New Course
NURS 8410 Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Practice New Course
NURS 8420 Clinical Prevention and Population Health New Course
NURS 8430 Financial Management New Course
NURS 8440 Health Policy and Leadership New Course
NURS 8510 Translating Evidence into Practice New Course
NURS 8540 Advanced Practice Practicum New Course
NURS 8710 Transition to DNP Practice New Course
NURS 8720 Improvement in Clinical Outcomes New Course
NURS 8930 DNP Project Practicum I New Course
NURS 8940 DNP Project Practicum II New Course
NURS 8950 DNP Project Practicum III New Course
TBD-Doctor of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice New Program
Pharmacy School
DRDD 7000 Introduction to Grant Writing Course Change
College of Science and Mathematics
BIOL 6850 Functional Genomics New Course
BIOL 6860 Bioinformatics and Genome Analysis New Course
BIOL 7075 Introduction to Oceanography New Course
BIOL 7485 Advanced Marine Ecology New Course
BIOL 7500 Stress Physiology New Course
BIOL 7525 Advanced Marine Invertebrate Zoology New Course
BIOL 7575 Scientific Diving New Course
GEOG 6836 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems New Course (Distance)
GEOL 6440 Electron Microprobe Analysis New Course
GEOL 7170 Impact and Planetary Geology New Course
GEOL 7700 Analytical Isotope Geochemistry New Course
GEOL 8900 Directed Study New Course
TBD-GCRT Geographic Information Science New Certificate Program
TBD-GCRT Restoration Ecology New Certificate Program

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