Plan of Study Instructions


Note: As of January 1, 2020, this form is no longer required to be submitted to the Graduate School.  It may be used per each department’s discretion.

To create the plan of study, download and save the Plan of Study WorksheetPlease do not use a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) to fill out the Plan of Study worksheet.  First download the empty worksheet to a computer, then fill it out and save using Adobe Reader.  There are calculations on the semester hours that may not work if the form is not filled out and saved using Adobe Reader.

Using the Plan of Study Worksheet (see sample), enter student information, courses at Auburn University, transfer courses, notes, and exceptions, if needed.  Reference the DegreeWorks Worksheets tab for information about required future courses and courses already taken.

DegreeWorks Planner Steps

      1. Student Information: Date, Name, Banner ID, Department, Program, and Degree.
      2. Courses at Auburn University: Enter courses that have been taken and that are planned to be taken to acquire the degree. Enter courses in the format of Course Title, Prefix/Course #, Semester Year, and Semester Hours. If needed, notes can be added about the course.
      3. Transfer Courses: Enter each transfer course, if applicable. Enter courses in the format of Institution Name, Course Title, Prefix/Course #, Semester Year, and Semester Hours.
      4. Exceptions: If needed, an exceptions block is provided and should be used for substitution and exception notations.
      5. Save the Plan of Study as a PDF, if not already in this file format.

Last modified: December 16, 2019