Graduate Council Curriculum Committee – November 27, 2017


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Course Number

Course Title

Type of Change

College of Agriculture
BATM 6110 Agri-Industrial Electrical Applications New Course
CSES 7166 Genetic Data Analysis New Course
ENTM 6500 Bee Biology Management New Course
PLPA 7880 Plant Microbial Ecology and Omics New Course
College of Business
ACCT 7810 Corporate Governance Accounting Ethics Course Change
BUAL 6700 Big Data Infrastructure and Applications New Course
College of Education
ERMA 7410 Research Methods for Social Justice and Equity New Course
College of Liberal Arts
CMDS 8320 Clinical Applications of Amplification Course Change
COMM 6430 Gender, Work, and Communication New Course
COMM 6470 Health Communication Course Change
COMM 7010 Qualitative Methods of Communication Research Course Change
COMM 7020 Quantitative Methods of Communication Research Course Change
School of Pharmacy
PYPD 9226 Integrated Learning Experience III Course Change
PYPD 9230 Integrated Learning Experience IV Course Change
PYPD 9336 Longitudinal Experience III Course Change
PYPD 9416 Workshop II Course Change
College of Sciences and Mathematics
BIOL 7510 Natural History Museum Practicum New Course
MATH 7700 Introduction to Graph Theory for Graduate Students Course Change

Last modified: November 14, 2017