Health Insurance Program


All graduate assistants with assignments of 10 hours (0.25 FTE) or greater for the full semester in the fall and/or spring semesters, who meet the minimum monthly stipend established by the Office of the Provost and are in good academic standing, are required to have health insurance coverage. Graduate assistants will be automatically enrolled in the Auburn University Graduate Student Group Health Plan (GSGHP). The 2021-22 premium is $2,028, which will be billed in two separate installments of $1,022 for fall and $1,006 for spring/summer.


Those graduate students who do not qualify for the automatic enrollment may opt-in to the program. They must complete a request form and submit it to the Graduate School. For further information on optional enrollment, please visit the Detailed Enrollment Information page.


If one has equivalent/greater prior coverage and can so demonstrate, that person may choose to opt out of the University plan. Those who wish to opt out must complete the required form by September 5th for the fall and February 16th for the spring. Waiver applications are accepted for two months following the waiver deadline but are subject to prorated insurance costs. For example, if you turn in your waiver in March for a spring waiver, you are responsible for paying January and February’s insurance premiums.


International graduate students and dependents in F or J immigration status will continue to be covered and billed similarly under the Mandatory International Student and Scholar Health Plan —check with the Office of International Programs ( for details.


To find out more about the GSGHP or to get enrolled, please contact Aime McCorcle at 334-844-5012 or by email at


Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for information and details about Graduate Student Group Health Plan.



Premium Rates for 2021-2022:

Premium for Fall Semester Premium for Spring/Summer semester Premium for Summer semester only
Student $2,028 $1,022 $1,006 $512
Spouse $2,028 $1,022 $1,006 $512
Child $2,028 $1,022 $1,006 $512
2+ children $3,998 $2,015 $1,983 $1,009
All dependents $5,968 $3,008 $2,960 $1,506
Coverage Dates for 2020-2021 Annual Fall Spring/Summer  Summer only
8/16/21 – 8/15/22 8/16/21 – 2/15/22 2/16/22 – 8/15/22 5/20/22 – 8/15/22


Insurance Brochures for 2021-2022

Last modified: August 3, 2021