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Coverage is mandatory for all AU Graduate Assistants (GA/GRA/GTA) in good academic standing employed by Auburn University at .25 FTE or greater for the full semester in the Fall and/or Spring semesters, who meet the minimum monthly stipend established by the Office of the Provost, and who are in good academic standing. Coverage is available for any full time graduate student enrolled at Auburn University. See enrollment procedures and limitations.

Optional: Dependents (spouse, children) of the primary may be enrolled for coverage upon enrollment of the primary. See enrollment procedures and limitations.

NOTE: International Graduate Students (in F and J status) and their dependents (F-2/J-2) are subject to the AU mandatory International Student and Scholar Health and Emergency Assistance Insurance Plan and are not eligible to enroll independently in this plan. Check with the Office of International Programs for additional details.



– AU graduate students who have been expelled or who have graduated/completed their degree program.

– AU graduate students who are not currently enrolled for at least one hour of coursework.

– Spouses and dependents of AU graduate students who do not elect primary coverage for themselves.


United Health Care Insurance Company – Policy Certificate (including Policy Brochure and Temporary ID Card)

EFFECTIVE AND TERMINATION DATES: The policy year begins August 16 and ends August 15 of the following academic year. Coverage for Fall semester enrollments will be from August 16 through February 15th. Coverage for continuing Fall semester students into Spring semester will be from February 16 through August 15. Coverage for new arrivals summer semester will be from date of arrival through August 15th. 

AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT:  Graduate students employed as GA/GTA/GRAs will be enrolled automatically each term they are registered for classes. Dependent enrollment must be identified no later than the 15th class day of Fall and Spring terms respectively and the fifth class day of Summer term. Newborn children may be enrolled in compliance with the newborn coverage procedures outlined in the policy. NOTE: dependents once enrolled may only be removed/cancelled from a policy at the completion of a given enrollment period or upon termination of the eligibility of the GA/GTA/GRA.

OPTIONAL ENROLLMENT: All graduate students at AU will be eligible to elect coverage under this plan for themselves and their dependents by submitting a request form as directed below. This must be done by the ninth class day of either the Fall or Spring semesters. International Students (F/J) and Scholars (J) and dependents (F/J) continue to be subject to the mandatory requirements for coverage, check with OIP for details.

Optional Enrollment Form

PREMIUMS: Premiums are based on per term rates. GA/GTA/GRA enrolled students eligible for this coverage will be billed on their bursars bill for six months (Fall) and then six months for the Spring/Summer terms. New arrivals may be charged additional premiums based on the enrollment dates (i.e. Spring semester arrivals will be billed for 6 months, Summer arrivals 3 months, etc.). WE DO NOT do month by month enrollments

PAYMENT OF PREMIUM: Graduate students and their dependents enrolled in the group plan will make all payments as appropriate through the AU Bursar’s system and whether it be mandatory or optional enrollment. Failure to make payments of the premiums may result in accounts being sent to a collection agency and other penalties.

REFUNDS: (applies to all primary enrollees and any dependents — mandatory or optional coverage) There will be NO refunds for premiums paid unless the student withdraws, transfers out or is suspended or otherwise terminated from graduate standing at Auburn University. When eligible for termination of coverage any refunds will be prorated on a monthly basis only. Optional enrollments (including for dependent coverage) may not withdraw from coverage until the expiration of the coverage period elected.

WAIVERS — EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN COVERAGE: GA/GTA/GRA students who fall under the mandatory coverage requirement may waive out of this policy only by providing evidence of coverage by a policy that is equal to or greater in coverage than the entirety of the AU policy.

Detailed Information Concerning Waiver Requests

AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT LIST: On the 15th class day, the AU/OIP/UnitedHealthCare insurance coordinator will be provided with a list of all the GA/GTA/GRA eligible students who will be enrolled with this plan.  The list will include the Banner ID, last name, first name, date of birth, local address, telephone, AU email address, and dependent information.

By the 15th class day the final list of dependent information will be reported with the banner ID of the GA/GTA/GRA, relationship information (spouse, child) of the dependent, last name, first name, DOB, personal email address for each dependent. NOTE: dependents once enrolled may only be removed/cancelled from a policy at the completion of a given enrollment period or upon termination of the eligibility of the GA/GTA/GRA.

Additions or cancellation authorizations will be reported on an as needed basis to the AU/OIP/UnitedHealthCare insurance coordinator.

INSURANCE CARDS: Temporary cards will be provided through the AU/OIP/UnitedHealthCare insurance coordinator to the graduate school for distribution.  Permanent cards will be mailed to the address on file with Auburn University.

Student Resources/United Health Care Insurance Company



Last modified: August 3, 2021