New Student Checklist

Before You Arrive

1. Activate Your Auburn University Access Account (AU Access) and email account. Your AU email is the official method of communication, so check it often.

  • How to activate your AU Access (PDF)
  • What’s my username?
    • Your first, middle, and last initials followed by a four digit number, found in your admissions offer letter.
  • What if I forgot my username?
  • What other software and IT services are available to students?


2. Contact your Graduate Program Officer.


3. Make sure to have your final *official* transcripts sent from your undergraduate institution(s) to the AU Graduate School.


4. All incoming students are required to complete the electronic medical information and immunization form through Med+Proctor. You will receive an email invite to your AUBURN email address. You will create an account with Med+Proctor and then upload your immunization information.


5. Enroll in health insurance, or provide proof of insurance to opt-out of the program.


6. Set up information for AU Alert.


7. Arrange for housing (see housing section under General Information) and check out the Graduate School’s Comprehensive Relocation Guide 23-24(PDF).


8. Register for classes (once medical records hold is cleared):

    • Log into AU ACCESS.
    • Go to the MY ACADEMICS tab.
    • Use TIGER SCHEDULER to create a tentative schedule.
    • ADD OR DROP CLASSES (from the My Academics tab) to register for classes.
    • CONFIRM schedule using STUDENT SCHEDULE (from the My Academics page).

NOTE: Register as soon as possible after you consult with your program director about course recommendations. Your e-bill will not be due until after the drop/add period of the semester is over (five days for fall/spring and 3 for summer), so do not hesitate to register early to ensure a spot in a course.


9. Pay tuition/fees:

    • Log into AU ACCESS.
    • Go to the MY FINANCES page.
    • Click on the icon labelled E-bill to access your financial statements for the University and to view/pay billing statements.

See the Student Financial Services (SFS) website for more information about tuition & fees, e-bills, payments, and billing schedules to know when your payments are due, typically after the drop/add period has ended each semester.


10. Visit the Transportation Services website to learn about all the options at AU. Then, get a parking pass or register your bicycle through AU Access > My Campus > Parking, and/or download the transit app to ride the bus, Tiger Transit.


11. Become familiar with campus resources (see Campus Resources section under Current Students).


12. Become familiar with Graduate School Matriculation Policies and Procedures.


13. Read the Graduate Student Handbook

After You Arrive

1. Check in (international students only). See “Once You Arrive” section under International Students.


2. Upload your own photo, then go pickup your new student ID, called a Tiger Card, at the Tiger Card office located in the Melton Student Center. Add your mobile card to your smartphone for easy access.


3. Transit/Parking/etc.
Watch our short video about transportation options at AU, and read the Transportation section under General Information for more details.


4. Join us for the Graduate School Welcome Event. See your AU email for details and registration.


5. Participate in your departmental orientation (where applicable).


6. If a teaching assistant, register for Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Orientation hosted by the Biggio Center.

During Your First Semester

1. Choose an advisor.
You will work closely with your graduate advisor during your time at Auburn. If you are assigned an advisor, contact them through your department immediately. If you are given the opportunity to choose your advisor, begin to consider who you prefer to work with. To learn more about choosing an advisor, take a look at this helpful website.


2. Participate in Professional Development activities.

Last modified: January 8, 2024