Presidential Graduate Research Fellowships Nomination

Note: Prospective students interested in learning more about Presidential Research Fellowships should see our Fellowship Information page and indicate their interest to the Graduate Program Officer for their intended program as early as possible at the time of application for a fall semester start.


Nomination Process

Please Note: Nomination Packets must be completed and submitted to the relevant associate dean of each college.

The nomination packet should be submitted via email as a single document in .pdf format to the relevant college associate dean and should include:


  1. A completed Nomination Cover Form
  2. A letter of nomination from the proposed major professor or department chair.
  3. A statement of financial support from the respective department chair/head.
  4. A copy of the student’s resume or CV.
  5. A copy of the student’s statement of purpose.
  6. Copies of the letters of recommendation submitted as part of the student’s application for graduate school and the graduate program.

Selection Process

A major factor in the selection process will be the expected positive impact of the Fellow on the research and scholarly productivity of the program in which they will be studying. To be eligible for consideration for a fellowship, prospective students must meet the previously outlined criteria, have applied or been accepted to the graduate school, and be nominated by the respective college dean (or his/her designee) for the program the student intends to pursue.

Each college sets their own nomination and notification deadlines internally. The number of awards may vary each year depending upon the availability of funds and the quality of the nominees. For the full allocation breakdown by college and year, please contact the Associate Dean for Research in your college or the Dean of the Graduate School.

For more information or to show your interest in being nominated for a fellowship, please contact the Associate Dean for Research of your respective college.


College Associate Dean for Research Contact Info
Agriculture Arthur Appel (334) 844-2562
Architecture, Design & Construction David Hinson (334) 844-4516
Business Admin Michael Wesson (334) 844-6549
Education Rodney Greer (334) 844-3597
Engineering Maria Auad (334) 844-5459
Forestry, Wildlife & Environment Daowei Zhang (334) 844-1067
Human Sciences Jennifer Kerpelman (334) 844-3791
Liberal Arts Cynthia Bowling (334) 844-2182
Nursing Barbara Wilder (334) 844-6766
Pharmacy Forrest Smith (334) 844-8324
Science & Mathematics Mark Liles (334) 844-1656
Veterinary Medicine Frank Bartol (334) 844-3701