Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Programs

The ABM program offers outstanding Auburn University
students the opportunity to earn both the bachelor’s and the master’s degrees in less time and at less cost than usual. It does so by allowing these exceptional students to count up to 9 hours (in a 30-hour master’s program) or 12 hours (in a 36-hour master’s program) to count toward both degrees.

For additional information, contact:  George Crandell, Associate Dean,

ABM Development Guidelines for Faculty

  • Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
  • Agronomy and Soils
  • Biosystems Engineering
  • Community Planning
  • Consumer and Design Sciences
  • Fisheries
  • Geography
  • Horticulture
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Nutrition, Dietetics
  • Nutrition, Hotel and Restaurant Management emphasis
  • Physics
  • Poultry Science
  • Public Administration

Other programs are currently under development.

Cumulative GPA

  • 3.0 or higher

Completed Course Work

  • 45 semester hours (minimum)
  • 96 semester hours (maximum)
  • 24 semester hours at Auburn (if you are a transfer student)

Departmental Requirements

Individual departments may set additional eligibility requirements. Consult the department for more information.

  • Meet with a departmental advisor to discuss program requirements.
  • Complete the ABM program Application Form (including all approvals) and return it to the Graduate School.
  • Submit departmental application materials (as required).
  •       Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Earn a grade of B (3.0) or higher on all double-counted, graduate level courses
  • Complete the degree requirements within time limits set by the Graduate School and the degree-granting program

       Individual programs may set higher standards for continuation in the program.

Students generally will take the GRE and apply for admission to Graduate School at the beginning of the senior year. Students should contact the department for application deadlines as departmental deadlines are often much earlier than the Graduate School’s application deadline.

Students must complete the bachelor’s degree, be admitted to the Graduate School and the  degree program before entering the master’s degree program. Admission into the ABM program does not guarantee admission into the Graduate School.  Students must still apply for admission to the Graduate School (including submitting the Graduate School application, paying the application fee, and providing transcripts and standardized test scores as required) by the prescribed deadline.

Students may withdraw voluntarily from the ABM program at any time.  Students must notify, in writing, the graduate program officer and the coordinator/director of undergraduate studies in their respective departments.  A copy of the request to withdraw from the program should be sent to the Dean of the Graduate School.

Students who withdraw from the program voluntarily or because they do not meet program requirements will not be awarded graduate credit for double-counted courses.

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