Contact Points

Dean George Flowers (334-844-2125)
Associate Dean George Crandell (334-844-2125)
Director of Admissions Theresa Morgan (334-844-2133)
Director of Matriculation Sherry Ray  (334-844-2131)
Director of Professional Development Dale Watson ((334- 844-2130)
International Student Services Leonard Vining (334-844-2143)
Information Technology Julia Thompson (334-707-7878)
Receptionist Minnie Bryant (334-844-4700)
Admissions (Domestic) Jennifer Lovelace (334-844-2134)
Admissions (International) Theresa Morgan (334-844-2133)
International Admissions Processing Penny Christopher (334-844-7105)
International Transcripts Processing Justin Gilbert (334-844-2132)
Recruitment Dale Watson  (334-844-2130)
Academic Standing (last names A-L) Donna Ryan (334-844-2129)
Academic Standing (last names M-Z) Sherry Ray (334-844-2131)
Awards and Merriwether Fellowship George Crandell (334-844-2125)
Dropping and Adding Courses (last names A-L) Donna Ryan (334-844-2129)
Dropping and Adding Courses (last names M-Z) Sherry Ray (334-844-2131)
Fellowship Opportunities Morgan Emfinger (334- 844-2160)
Financial Aid Student Financial Services (334-844-4634)
Grades, Changing or reporting (last names A-L) Donna Ryan (334-844-2129)
Grades, Changing or reporting (last names M-Z) Sherry Ray (334-844-2131)
Insurance, Graduate Student Program Sarah Razavi (334-844-4506)
Plans of Study (last names A-L) Donna Ryan (334-844-2129)
Plans of Study (last names M-Z) Sherry Ray (334-844-2131)
Records, Student Sherry Ray (334-844-2131)
Registration (last names A-L) Donna Ryan (334-844-2129)
Registration (last names M-Z) Sherry Ray (334-844-2131)
Travel Support Julie Reece (334-844-2125)
Tuition and Fee Payment Bursar (334-844-4634)
Withdrawal and Resignation (last names A-L) Donna Ryan (334-844-2129)
Withdrawal and Resignation (last names M-Z) Sherry Ray (334-844-2131)
Copyrighting Dissertations Sarah Beckum (334-844-2124)
Diplomas Registrar (334-844-4367)
Dissertation Preparation Sarah Beckum (334-844-2124)
Final Examinations, Request for Sarah Beckum (334-844-2124)
General Examinations, Request for Sarah Beckum (334-844-2124)
Graduation Application/Certification (last names A-L) Donna Ryan (334-844-2129)
Graduation Application/Certification (last names M-Z) Sherry Ray (334-844-2131)
Thesis Preparation Sarah Beckum (334-844-2124)
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