Cross-Cultural Programs


House-to-House Program

Student with Horse House to House Event

This program fosters cross-cultural relationships between members of the community and international students/scholars. The goal is to encourage local residents and faculty/staff to invite international guests to join them in all kinds of local events, ranging from outdoor activities to visits to historical sites, volunteer projects, museums, movies, bowling, and more.

This is a cross-cultural activity that allows 6-10 international students to experience an evening out as guests of American host families. Guests arrive at the first American home for hors d’oeuvres or appetizers and enjoy casual conversation with each other and with the hosts. After an hour or so, the guests pack up and move to a second host home for desserts.

International Wives Group

Visiting Scholars and Postdocs

International Wives Group Scholars at Table

This group offers a weekly point of connection among wives whose husbands are enrolled as full-time students at Auburn University. It provides friendship, excursions to local events and participation in community volunteer activities. It is directed by Rhonda Cattley ( and oversight is provided by the Graduate School.

The purpose of this program is to strengthen the support and recognition given to visiting scholars post-doctoral fellows at Auburn University. As members of the Auburn Family, we want to enhance their academic and social lives and provide ways to translate their enthusiasm for AU into an advocacy role when they return to their respective home countries.

Auburn Family Friends

International Buddy Program

Three Fans International Buddies

This program facilitates cross-cultural relationships between members of local host families in the Auburn/Opelika community and international students. It is an open program that allows local hosts to initially welcome incoming students. However, after an initial introduction, paired families and students are on their own to forge a relationship that fits for them.

This is a student-led program that provides a way for international and local students to form meaningful same-gender friendships with one another and facilitate smooth transitions into student life on campus and in the local community. The goal is to spend face-to-face time at least twice a month and stay in contact at other times via email, phone, or text.

UNIV 7000

Students attending UNIV 7000 class

The goal of UNIV 7000 is to help incoming students comfortably transition into their new life at Auburn University and set them on a path to experience a fuller, more culturally integrated life while attending Auburn University. This is a 0-credit hour courses that won't affect tuition fellowship hours.

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