Cross-Cultural Programs


House-to-House Program

Student with Horse House to House Event

This program fosters cross-cultural relationships between members of the community and international students and scholars. The goal is to encourage local residents, faculty, staff, and domestic students to invite international guests to join them in many kinds of local activities. A few examples among many possibilities are hiking, backyard barbecues, fishing, kayaking, visits to museums or historical sites, local volunteer projects, movies, holiday celebrations, and bowling.

This program is “Southern hospitality” at its finest! On a day and time determined by the American hosts, 6-10 international students are invited to experience an evening out as guests in one or two American homes. Guests arrive at one American home for either a meal or for appetizers/hors d’oeuvres. They enjoy warm conversation and sometimes a short tour of the home. For certain House-to-House events, after approximately an hour, everyone moves to the home of the second host for desserts and more conversation.

International Wives Group

Visiting Scholars and Postdocs

International Wives Group visiting Scholars

This group offers a weekly point of connection among wives whose husbands are enrolled as full-time students at Auburn University. American wives are welcome as well. The group provides friendship, exposure to opportunities, excursions to local events and participation in community volunteer activities. It is directed by local community member, Claire Leuenberger.

The purpose of this program is to support visiting scholars and post-doctoral fellows at Auburn University. It is our desire that all visiting scholar and post-doctoral fellows be able to enhance their academic and social lives while at Auburn University. And it is our hope that their experiences as members of the Auburn Family will translate into an advocacy role when they return to their respective home countries.

Auburn Family Friends

International Buddy Program

Three Fans International Buddies

This program facilitates cross-cultural relationships between members of the Auburn-Opelika community and international students and scholars. It is a program that fosters hospitality and creates the opportunity for lasting friendships to develop. The program coordinator will facilitate an initial "match" between host and visistor. After that, local hosts and students are on their own to forge a relationship that best fits their mutual interests and schedules.

This is a student-to-student program that provides a way for newly arriving international students to form meaningful friendships with local students who are already familiar with life and culuture in the US. This facilitates a smoother transition into student life on campus and in the local community. The goal is to spend face-to-face time at least twice a month and stay in contact at other times via email, phone, or text.

"The Graduate Experience" Class

Students attending UNIV 7000 class

The goal of this class is to help newly arriving international students transition more smoothly into life at Auburn University, deepen understanding of basic American values, and facilitate experiences that lead to a more culturally integrated life while here. For details, contact Laura Fuller