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Dear First Name:

Congratulations! The Admissions Committee for the Department of <DEPT> at Auburn University has reviewed your application for the MASTERS/DOCTORAL degree. I am pleased to inform you that the committee has recommended to the Graduate School that you be admitted to the department effective <SEMESTER>.

In addition you have been recommended to receive a FTE FRACTION-time assistantship with a stipend of $<DOLLARS>  for  <NUMBER> months (INCLUDING/ EXCLUDING Summer), also effective <SEMESTER>.


This offer of employment is contingent upon receipt of acceptable results on a background report.


Please complete the Standard Release Forms for Graduate Student Employees:

  • AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE FOR USE OF CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK TO CONFIRM ACCURACY OF INFORMATION PROVIDED—both are available and may be completed on the Verified Credentials, Inc. website:


The background report and its contents are deemed private and confidential and shall be disclosed only for the purposes described in Procedures for Securing Background Reports for Graduate Students before Hiring, to those University employees who have a need to know, or as otherwise required or permitted by law.

The exact nature of this assistantship will be determined later in the summer when the teaching and research needs of the department are more clearly specified.

With your assistantship, you will also receive a full-tuition fellowship that covers your tuition and fees (except for a fee of approximately $600) for each semester you are on the assistantship up to a maximum of <DEGREE MAXIMUM> credit hours. Details regarding policies that govern tuition fellowships can be found at


Together, at current tuition rates, the dollar value of your assistantship and fellowship package is $<DOLLARS>/year. Assistantships are temporary and their continuation depends on the availability of funds, levels of enrollment, and research needs in the department as well as your maintenance of good academic standing and steady progress toward your degree.


As an additional benefit linked to your assistantship, you will be enrolled automatically in the Graduate Student Health Insurance plan. The total annual premium is approximately $1,900 <pending review>. You will be billed for the premium in your bursar bill. Learn more about the plan at the following URL:

If you already have health insurance you may opt out of the Graduate Student Health Insurance plan by completing the “Waiver Request” found at the above URL and providing proof of current insurance.


Please contact me if you have any questions about this offer. I would like to know your response to this offer as soon as possible but no later than <DATE>. Once you respond to this offer, you should initiate the background check by following the steps above as soon as possible. If I have not heard from you by <DATE>, I will assume you are not interested and the offer will no longer be valid. If you need additional time to consider your options, please contact me before <DATE> and we can discuss your needs. Please let me know if you would like to visit the campus. I would be pleased to assist you in making arrangements.






Auburn University Auburn AL 26849

###.###.####  (office)

###.###.####  (fax) E-MAIL ADDRESS



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Please click  on the link below to download the acceptance letter template.

Sample Acceptance Letter Template

Additional Information/Comments

  • recommended by

    Departments do not accept students. The Graduate School does. Acceptances are official only when the Grad School posts the final action on Apply Yourself.

  • background report

    The “start date” of any appointment must be on or after the date the background check was approved.

  • background report disclaimer

    The inclusion of these statements is required by law.

  • assistantship

    If known, specify. If possible, provide a job description.  Job descriptions and expectations should be discussed initially with the student at the time of the offer of the assistantship

  • full-tuition fellowship

    To qualify, FTE =0 .33 or more, monthly stipend is <$808 for fiscal year 2013-14>, awarded by 8th class day for full semester. Student stays in good standing.  The maximum amount is 110% of the minimum number of hours required for the degree.

  • Date

    Auburn is a signatory to an agreement not to force students to commit to a program before April 15. This language, however, is respectful of that agreement if departments allow students to delay until 4/15.

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