Welcome to Auburn InterConnect!  The goal of InterConnect is to enhance the Auburn experience for international graduate students, visiting scholars, and post-doctoral fellows (i.e., all international visitors) by helping them become better integrated into local American culture. InterConnect helps organize events throughout the year so that international visitors have a more satisfying experience while at Auburn. We try to connect the local “know how” of Auburn residents with “want to know how” of our international visitors at Auburn University.

Local residents already know where to go, what to do and how to do it in the local Alabama environment. InterConnect provides an easy way for local people to share this knowledge and experience with international visitors.  In this way, local residents essentially become “practical cultural guides” for visitors desiring to experience more of life in America.  Practical experiences could include such things as cooking ribs at a backyard barbeque, cooking American desserts…or hiking. It could be moms taking their kids to the Montgomery zoo, a picnic at Chewacla State Park, or kayaking on the Coosa River. Or it could be as simple as bowling in Auburn…anything that would help a small group of international visitors gain a new experience, meet some new friends and come to better understand American culture.

Do you have a great idea to make Interconnect program a success?  Share your ideas with us and we will get in touch with you soon.

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Laura HS

Laura Fuller
InterConnect Coordinator
Graduate School