Graduate Council Curriculum Committee Agenda – October 26, 2015


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Course Number Course Title Type of Change
Office of the Provost
GLOB 0710 GLOB 0710: English for Professional Purposes New Course
GLOB 0720 English for Specific Purposes New Course
GLOB 0730 Making the Case: Structure. Argumen and Composition in Research Context New Course
GLOB 0740 The Art of Presenting. Advanced Oral Communications New Course
GLOB 0750 English Supplement: Graduate Reading and Writing New Course
GLOB 0810 Professional Development Sequence I New Course
GLOB 0820 Professional Development Sequence II New Course
GLOB 0830 Research Colloquium and Methods 1 New Course
GLOB 0840 Research Colloquium and Methods 2 New Course
GLOB 0850 Data Management: Gathering, Analyzing, and Interpreting Data New Course
GRAD 8100 Professional Development New Course
School of Nursing
NURS 6116 Arts in Health Seminar New Course
NURS 6210 Advanced Healthcare Informatics New Course
NURS 6216 Advanced Healthcare Informatics New Course
NURS 6226 Strategies and Analysis of Organizational Process New Course
NURS 6316 Nurse Informatics Role and Competencies New Course
NURS 6326 Advanced Nursing Informatics New Course
NURS 6336 Informatics Practicum New Course
NURS 6416 Health Systems Leader Role and Competencies New Course
NURS 6436 Health Systems Leader Role Practicum New Course
NURS 6516 Nurse Informatics- Role and Competencies New Course
NURS 6526 Instructional Design Process for Nurse Educator New Course
NURS 6536 Nurse Educator Practicum New Course
NURS 7126 Quality Improvement/Process Mgt. for APNs New Course

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