Settling In

Temporary Housing

Many international students find it necessary to secure temporary housing for one or more nights upon their initial arrival to Auburn. Making temporary arrangements can allow time to search for more long-term accommodations. Options for temporary housing include the following.

Local hotels: Local hotel options include (but are not limited to) the following

  • University Inn 129 North College Street Auburn AL 36830  (Phone: 1-866-599-6674)
  • The Hotel at Auburn University 241 South College Street Auburn AL 36830  
  • Econo Lodge 2145 South College Street Auburn AL 36830
  • Clarion Inn & Suites 1577 South College Street Auburn AL 36832

AU Temporary Housing (HOST) Program:  Due to COVID-19, Graduate School and AU Housing will unfortunately be unable to offer HOST temporary housing for Fall 2021.

Placement by international student organizations:  Some international student organizations may be able to assist in placing you in temporary housing upon your arrival. Click here for a list of these organization contacts.

Long-Term Housing

There is currently no university-based housing for graduate students, but the AU Student Affairs hosts an off-campus housing page with postings for available rentals and roommate searches as well as helpful information about being a tenant in Auburn. Most international graduate students rent an apartment near campus, either individually or with one or more roommates.

You may also want to contact one of the international student organizations  to ask for suggestions in your search for local housing.

The following is provided as a resource to find area housing, but is not an exhaustive list.

General Apartment Search Sites:

Apartment Complexes
Individually managed apartment complexes typically offer rental apartments with a shared living space with the private suites (bed and bath) rented to multiple individuals/roommates. One bedroom apartments may be available.

Renting or Buying a Home – Local Realty Companies
Each of these companies manage multiple residential realty properties throughout the Auburn area, including single family homes for rent.

Transportation in Auburn

Transit Services:

Tiger Transit is a bus service free to all Auburn University students. Regular day-time lines are designed to provide transport between AU campus locations and local apartment complexes. Night transit and Friday evening shopping shuttle offer specific routes outside of regular daytime hours that students may find helpful.

Lee Russell Public Transit (LRPT) offers “dial-a-ride” service for a nominal fee to any local resident to/from any location in Lee and Russell Counties. (Auburn is in Lee County).

Taxi Services:

Tiger Taxi  is a local business that offers taxi services.

Ms. Sue’s Taxi is a local business that offers taxi services.

Uber uses a smartphone application to allow passengers to hire a private driver for taxi service.  Ride requests and payment transactions are conducted through the Uber app.


War Eagle Bike Share offers free bicycle use to students. Participants must create and online account and agree to terms of bicycle use.

Personal Bicycles can be a useful and low-cost way to get around locally. If you decide to invest in a new or second-hand bicycle, registration (it’s free) with AU Parking Services is required park your bike on campus.

Personal Automobiles:

Like most cities in the US, Auburn has limited public transportation. Residents often find that owning a personal vehicle provides convenience for daily living and the opportunity to experience more of the local community.  Therefore, some international students decide to purchase a new or used vehicle while living in Auburn. Please note the following when considering this option.

Last modified: April 5, 2022